Tarek Alsayed Yahya: Lina, Oud Solo impro-compositions


15/10/2021 - 15/10/2021

Tarek Alsayed Yahya: Lina, Oud Solo impro-compositions

Tarek Alsayed Yahya is a musician from Syria living and working in Belgium since 2013 as an Oud player and teacher of oriental music and Oud. Tarek was born Syria in 1978, studied Oud and music in the city of Aleppo and worked as a teacher at the music schools of Aleppo until 2013. In Belgium he was he teaches at the Muziekacademie of Sint-Niklaas since 2016.
Tarek was a member of many music groups and projects such as in Syria: Nawa band (oriental and sufi music),‎ Mayada Bselis group (modern oriental music), ‎Dopamine band (trails in Jazz), Ramal band (oriental music).
In France : Oración project with Royaumont. In Belgium: Wajd ensemble as an Oud player and artistic director (oriental and Sufi music). He also recorded the first CD of Wajd (musique d’Alep) with MUSIQ3. he also participated in ‘Een Vlaams-Syrische ontmoeting’ with Violet, in ‘Refugees for Refugees’ organized by Muziekpublique, and in ‘‎Exodus’, organized by La Barraca.
Tarek gave workshops and concerts in Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Germany, Poland , Switzerland ,The Netherlands and Belgium.


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