Temporary exhibition "Bleu and brown Gold"

Temporary exhibition

"Blue and brown gold": A new tempory exhibition at choco Story Brussels Museum. Water: a vital need that voversz 75% of the planet. A treasure, a rare commodity, and a common indispensable good, essential for the survival of all. Chocolate: a delicacy, a treasure for most of us and also used as a currency by the Aztecs. The relationship between the blue gold and the brown gold is the heart of this tempory exhibition organized with the collaboration of the Museum Water and Fontaines. Different topics such as mythology, health and drink will be highlighted. A didactic book is proposed for the children during the exhibition. Thematic guided tours are proposed on reservation only.

Themes :  History - Science - Languages - Brussels - Heritage - Environment 

Duration : 1h15 with guide

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : Max 75

Visit resources : avaliable with the visit

Additional information : Guide : 60€ / guide for maximum 25 persons (engl, fr, dutch) Max 3 guides together