The 4th Belgian Korean Comics Exhibition

31/08/2017 - 21/10/2017

The spectrum of the blue, Jeunesse

CHOI Kyusuk, CONZ, Dominique GOBLET, HAN Hyeyeon, Frank PE, RYU Seunghee, SHIN Jisue,

How do young people view the world? What keeps them busy and where are they heading to?
Korean and Belgian cartoonists describe the lives of these younger generations- their goals, their worries, the world where they can’t escape from- but also the unknown that is ready to be explored. Our youth deems to be a fundamental time in our development and defines who we become later in life. The sky is the limit, paired with lots of fun but fear just stands around the corner. With this duality of infinite joy and concerns, youth is an inspiration for authors to develop characters and storylines with freedom and sentiment.

The 4th edition of the Belgian Korean comic exhibition, under the theme of “The spectrum of the blue; jeunesse”, organized by the Korean Cultural Center desires to develop and show certain aspects of youth by the work of 7 Belgian and Korean authors.

-Conference at 18:00 on 31st Aug. at the Korean Cultural Center with CHOI Kyusok, CONZ, Dominique GOBLET, Frank PE, SHIN Jisue
*Reservation required > 02 274 2980, or Eventbrite(Click here)
-Opening at 19:30 on 31st Aug. at the Korean Cultural Center

-Korean Webtoon Exhibition: 1.09 > 30.09 at MOOF Museum
* MOOF Museum : Rue du Marché aux Herbes 116, 1000 Bruxelles

-Korean comics stand on “Fête de la BD/Stripfeest”: 1.9> 3.9.2017 at Bozar (

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