The Alberto Parmegiani Quartet

24/09/2017 - 24/09/2017

Alberto Parmegiani , born in 1968, is a brilliant Italian
jazz guitarist now living in Rome.
He made his bones in New York where he lived for
almost 7 years.
He graduated at Mannes college of music the actual
"New School of jazz" and his class mates were
musicians that now are very well known all around the
globe, people like the Grenadier bros, Jeff Ballard and
many others. So he had the chance to grow up playing
with this kind of talented musicians. He started to
Compose for small groups almost from the beginning
especially for trios, quartet and quintets. When he
moves back to italy the collaboration with Claudio
Filippini and Daniele Cappucci starts almost as soon as
they meet at jam sessions in Rome and they all start to
experiment with different combos. He has performed in
the states as well as Europe And of course Italy where
he now lives. Later his long time best friend Antonio
Martino starts a jazz label in the city of Bari and he
becomes art director of A.MA records. With this label
he records his last cd as leader "under a shimmery
grace" very well appreciated from the international jazz
Here the samples
With this quartet they celebrate their long time
friendship and the compositions are just amazing as
they take the listener for a magical journey in every
possible direction.

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