The Dry Piece | XL Edition

01/09/2017 - 02/09/2017

Behind a projection screen showing them filmed from above, eight dancers compose fascinating figures evoking sixties films’ synchronised swimming and Busby Berkeley’s first motion pictures in the thirties.

Other visions quickly appear, more ghostly and spectral, organised like a kaleidoscope of apparitions where bodies form a unique whole, a moving octopus whose mouth swallows the eye of the spectator.

Our unavoidable and inescapable voyeurism turns onto itself: although the nudity of the scene is powerfully affirmed, it is also disembodied by the video treatment, where toppled perspectives and the confusion between what we see on stage and what appears on screen, the body disappears in its own representation and the night erases day.

Keren Levi awakens imagination and its faculty to mesmerise reality.

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