The Guardians of Sleep - David Weber-Krebs

15/12/2017 - 16/12/2017

Collective attempt to withdraw
What happens exactly when we fall asleep? Where are we headed? By interrupting all our activities and retreating from the world, sleep is perhaps the only possible escape from the ever-busier present. A place where you can let everything go and finally be alone.
But what happens when can’t even be alone there? What is it like to be a viewer watching other people fall asleep in a theatre, to witness this most intimate act? The Guardians of Sleep is a collective attempt at disobedience in a world that is always ‘switched on’ – and where an ‘off’ button simply doesn’t seem to exist.
• David Weber-Krebs has previously appeared at the Kaaitheater with Balthazar (2013), Into The Big World (2015), and Tonight, Lights Out! (2016) during Burning Ice #10.
The Guardians of Sleep works as an intensifier for the senses: you perceive every movement and every noise in the room, you feel being observed by the now-and-then open eyes of the performers, and you are an observer yourself, responsible to watch over the others’ dozing off. – MANNHEIMER MORGEN

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