The Making of Justice - Sarah Vanhee

07/12/2017 - 08/12/2017

The nature of justice
Along with seven convicts – all guilty of murder – Sarah Vanhee has written a crime film. The plot is based on their own experiences, ideas, and dreams, while they also explore motives, imprisonment, and re-integration. We are left guessing as to whether they use this fiction to confirm, defend, change, or rather escape from their own situations. Vanhee’s film treats crime as a parallel reality: what would society look like if it was oriented to restorative rather than retributive justice? And what is the nature of justice itself? One of the men answers: ‘The legal system is the application of laws – but justice is a human capacity.’
• Brussels-based artist Sarah Vanhee creates performances, installations and films. She has previously presented Oblivion, Untitled and Lecture for Every One at the Brussels Kunstenfestivaldesarts. This film marks her debut at the Kaaitheater.

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