The Plasticarium Collection

The Plasticarium Collection :: © Ch.Licoppe The Plasticarium Collection :: © Ch.Licoppe The Plasticarium Collection :: © Ch.Licoppe

ADAM – Brussels Design Museum pays homage to plastic, that cheerful, unpretentious creative marvel of popular design. During its heyday in the 1960s, it was associated with the economic boom and with a generation who rejected their parents’ traditional values. The inexpensive plastic furniture of the Swinging Sixties reflected the baby boomers’ call for freedom and escape. It provided them with a quasi-psychedelic form of retreat from the global conflicts that were raging during that period.

However, the first oil crisis in 1973 highlighted the challenges and failings of the consumer society, particularly the environmental problems related to plastic production. This crisis therefore signalled the end of the reign of plastic.

And yet, if we examine the situation more closely, we find that plastic is constantly being revised and developed. Now environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, it combines incomparable qualities of resistance and flexibility.

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