The Spy Gone North (Gongjak) - Jong-bin Yoon


17/11/2018 - 17/11/2018

The Spy Gone North (Gongjak) - Jong-bin Yoon The Spy Gone North (Gongjak) - Jong-bin Yoon The Spy Gone North (Gongjak) - Jong-bin Yoon The Spy Gone North (Gongjak) - Jong-bin Yoon

In 1993, tensions on the Korean peninsula rise to crisis levels with news of North Korea's nuclear program. A former military intelligence officer named Park Suk-young is recruited by South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) as a spy with the codename Black Venus. In order to ascertain the true state of the nuclear program, Black Venus is ordered to infiltrate a group of high-ranking North Korean officials based in Beijing. Besides the South Korean president and NIS foreign affairs director Choi Hak-seong, no one, not even his family, is aware of Black Venus' true identity. Posing as an entrepreneur looking to do business with the North, he approaches a high-ranking North Korean official based in Beijing, Ri Myong-un. After several years of effort, they overcome their ideological differences and build a close partnership, and Black Venus successfully wins the trust of the North Korean leadership. However in 1997, just before South Korea's presidential election, Black Venus comes to know of a secret deal between the high-ranking officials of the two governments. This spy, who has risked everything for his nation, becomes caught up in an overwhelming conflict...

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