The incredible world of comic book figurines at the MOOF!

The incredible world of comic book figurines at the MOOF!

The MOOF offers you the possibility to experience comic books differently by diving into the world of the 9th art through a collection of unique figurines. Fun and creative, the museum will delight teachers and pupils alike. Give them an experience that has no age barrier and that is easy to share with them. Thanks to the diversity of the teaching materials (figurines, films, video games…), which are fun and suit all ages, your pupils' interest and curiosity will be aroused and everyone will learn something new, no matter their age. Spaces specially dedicated to American comic books and Flemish comics complement the more traditional offer of French-speaking Belgian and French comics strips. Discover life-sized figurines of Tintin, Superman, Batman and Spiderman, the wonderful world of the Smurfs, Spirou, Lucky Luke, Asterix and Obelix, Spike and Suzy and many more!

Themes :  Art - Brussels - Attraction 

Duration : Approximately 1h30

Language Spoken :  en,fr,nl 

Participants : Idéal par classe de +/- 25 élèves qui se déplacent dans un sens circulatoire, si plusieurs classes, un laps de temps de 10 minutes est préférable entre chaque groupe.

Visit resources : Disponible sur demande

Picknick : Possibility to enjoy a picnic in the big gallery / or in the musuem (only for small groups)

Additional information : A visit of the MOOF gives you the chance to teach your pupils about the world of comic books and raise their awareness of an aspect of Belgian culture that is recognised around the world and that they can be proud of.

We can offer you three kinds of visits:
- Visit freely thanks to screens spread throughout the museum
- Visit freely with the help of the museum's educational booklet prepared in three sections: Before Your Visit, During and After
With this booklet you can guide your pupils through the museum and offer them little games to make the visit more participative, combining learning and fun!
- Visit with a specialised guide (max. 22 children per guide)

Practical information