The international photographic experience with Monuments


13/10/2020 - 31/08/2021

It is crucial to increase young people’s awareness of the importance of preserving their city’s heritage. The more familiar young people are with their heritage, the easier it will be for them to take ownership of it and ǣind their place within the multicultural metropolis that is Brussels.

That is why the Brussels-Capital Region has been taking part in the International Heritage Photographic Experience since 1998. This initiative was created by the government of the autonomous region of Catalonia in 1992 as part of the European Heritage Days.

The Brussels International Heritage Photographic Experience competition is open to all Brussels-based schools, regardless of the subjects they teach. This year, it once again drew considerable interest from teaching staff at all levels, with over 400 photographs from 13 schools being submitted to despite a lockdown lasting a number of weeks. Taking part in the 2020 competition enabled school pupils to see their city’s heritage from a fresh perspective, through the lens of their camera, allowing them to discover things that they almost certainly would have overlooked otherwise.

The 25 photographs selected by the Brussels-Capital Region.

The exhibition is accessible during a visit to the Coudenberg Palace.