The pioneers of Art Nouveau


In 1898, Victor Horta built his own home in Saint Gilles. It's the perfect example of his ability. Horta's style revolution is characterised by the introduction of open plan spaces, a method that provides for optimal distribution and manipulation of light and a decoration that uses the undulating energy of curved lines to perfection and flows effortlessly into the structure of the building. He built a new type of urban building based around light, air and space. On this walk we will compare Horta to his contemporaries, Paul Hankar, Octave Van Rijsselberghe, Albert Roosenboom and discover various Art Nouveau styles.

Guided Tour Themes :  Art Nouveau, Art Déco - Interior guided tours 

Duration : 2.30 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - German 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 20 people

Additional information : The entry fee to the Horta Museum is not included in the price. Set aside €10 per person for entry. Maximum 15 people per group. 

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