The sewers Musuem, a museum to experience

The sewers Musuem, a museum to

Did you know? The sewer network under the City of Brussels is nearly 350 km long! Thousands of m3 of waste water flow through these 350 km of underground drains and tunnels every day. The Sewers Museum invites you on an unusual trip into a very hidden side of Brussels but which is absolutely vital for the running of the city. And unlike other museums, this one is active, with the River Senne playing the leading role. A museum that tells the story of when, why and how the sewers were built, describes the jobs that people do in this underground world and explains the city's water cycle.

Themes :  Brussels - Attraction 

Duration : 1h30

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : Max. 20 personnes par group

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Picknick : Picnic area available

Additional information : In the event of heavy rain, for safety reasons, the Museum staff reserve the right to refuse access to the covered river and sewer.

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