The small cafes of Ganshoren: bridging two worlds


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Until the middle of the last century, Ganshoren was still a mainly rural municipality, just a stone’s throw from a rapidly-growing urban centre. At the heart of the village of Ganshoren, its small cafes and dairies dictated the pace of life of its inhabitants and played an important role in their leisure time. La Charnière, dating from 1792, is the oldest vestige of this now-disappeared history, little known to current generations. For Heritage Days, the municipality of Ganshoren will recreate the atmosphere of this era. For one weekend, La Charnière will be transformed into a small cafe, serving up local culinary specialities and craft beers. An exhibition bringing together works of art from municipal and private collections will conjure up the golden age of this building that has been dedicated to different uses over the years (barn, dwelling and a small cafe called In ‘t Oude Pachthof).

In cooperation with the Planning Department, the Department of French Culture and the Department of Dutch Culture of the municipality of Ganshoren.

Practical information

    • La Charnière
    • rue Victor Lowet 9
    • 1083 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 to 18h00
    • B