Time to wonder


The Children’s Museum proposes a very specific program dedicated to the primary school children. Each facilitator takes care of a group of maximum 15 children and guide them through the exhibition. The facilitators guide, listen to and play with the children. They always try to match with their interests and school level. The emphasis is put on the emotional expression. At the end of the guided tour, each teacher gets a teaching file to help him/her discuss the exhibition theme in the classroom.

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Art - Science - Languages - Brussels 

Duration : 5h

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : Max. 75 participants

Visit resources : Can be downloaded on the website

Picknick : A midi, les groupes sont installés à la cafétéria pour le pique-nique.En cas de beau temps, les enfants peuvent également se défouler dans la plaine de jeux du Parc Jadot, attenant au Musée.

Additional information : The Museum took the following challenge: to give children, through participatory and playful exhibitions, the opportunity to get to know themselves better and to know others better.This work is, in the opinion of many psychologists and child psychiatrists, essential in the emotional development of a child. It helps him to feel more self-confident and, as a result, to become an adult who is tolerant and open to others.The work of the Children's Museum is therefore preventive and educational. In addition, the Museum encourages adults to enjoy a special time with children.The activity can be integrated into all types of courses as it has a wide range of topics such as the different cultures, the discovery of nature, the five senses, family and philosophy. Children also have the opportunity to explore creative workshops for oral and physical expression such as theatre and storytelling.

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