Tomorrow, as purposed

30/11/2017 - 01/12/2017

Tomorrow, as Purposed is a dance performance that investigates power, and especially the tragic effect of power, whether on a personal or family level, societal or national. Choreographer Melati Suryodarmo broadens her knowledge of archaic movement by learning the Pakarena dance of the Bugis people in South Sulawesi – movement she incorporates into the dance. She is particularly fascinated by the archaic idea that movement is taught through messages from heaven to earth. Melati has reached out to Daeng Serang Dakko from Makasar – a Pakarena maestro who, through his powerful drum play, teaches Pakarena dance (the ancient form) as well as the even older Salongdreng, where the roots of Pakarena lie.

In Tomorrow, as Purposed, Melati Suryodarmo will explore motifs of endurance and action as well as performance art. The piece is set into two imaginary circles: the first one contains parts of Macbeth, the second is the tragedy circle inspired by our everyday reality.

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