Urban magic

Urban magic

People have been drawing on and scratching walls for centuries. There is street art in the places where you might least expect it: on drainpipes, electricity poles, lampposts, walls and in every nook and cranny: stencils or stickers of Papier-Peintres, Bonom, Space Invader, Idiot, Roa etc. From graffiti to a full-fledged art movement, street art embellishes the streets and squares, and the government is eager to take advantage of this to integrate this art into the cityscape. Whether it's graffiti, a mural or any other artistic splurge that adorns the streetscape, it's an art that can be admired for free, because whomsoever sows images, harvests imagination.

Guided Tour Themes :  For schools 

Duration : 1.30 hour

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - German 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 20 people

Additional information : The price is for school groups.

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