Val des Béguines Wood and surrounding area


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Val des Béguines Wood, with its unique topography, is slowly re-acquiring an interesting range of biological diversity. This walking tour will place its origins, history and specific features in context. Over the long term, the City of Brussels has committed to creating a veritable “urban forest” starting from the wood. Local residents are passionately in favour, seeing it as compensation for the significant increase in housing in their green neighbourhood. The walk will continue on to the neighbouring alder grove bog, which is fed by the Tweebeek and constitutes a site of great biological importance of which there are only two in the entire Region. Finally, you will come across an ancient planted hedgerow, shaped by man but which nature has partially taken back, an ecological relic fiercely defended by naturalists.

In cooperation with La Promenade Verte de Neder-Over-Heembeek and La Ferme Nos Pilifs.

Practical information

    • Ferme Nos Pilifs
    • Trassersweg 347
    • 1120 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday at 10h30 and 14h00 (duration: 1.5 hours)
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      Ferme Nos Pilifs