(Victor) Frankenstein


07/05/2019 - 12/05/2019

(Victor) Frankenstein :: © © Muriel Nisse

To mark the world premiere of Mark Grey’s new opera Frankenstein, we asked the Les Karyatides theatre company to present a new children’s opera based on the figure of Frankenstein. In this miniature version, we hear Victor Frankenstein dictating his will at the end of his life. In fitful, feverish, tormented moments he recalls how his promising beginnings turned into a nightmare because of his insatiable ambition: he had set out to create a new human being from fragments of corpses, but only succeeded in creating a murderous monster that turned against its maker. Victor’s mother sings at his deathbed; heartbreakingly, she laments the inexorability of the fate that binds maker and monster together.

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