Voice ascending a staircase - Ula Sickle & HYOID


22/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

Voice ascending a staircase - Ula Sickle & HYOID

Dancer/choreographer Ula Sickle presents a new and intimate sound performance in the striking, seven-storey staircase of WIELS. It is a pared down score for body and voice, performed by the artist and singer Fabienne Seveillac. One of Sickle’s starting points was Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus Stairway. He painted it at a moment of uncertainty about the future of the Bauhaus school, closed shortly afterwards by the Nazis. The performance’s title alludes to Duchamp’s seminal painting Nude descending a staircase, No. 2.

• Ula Sickle is a choreographer and performer based in Brussels. From a background in contemporary dance, she works across disciplines and in collaboration with artists in other domains such as the visual arts, contemporary music or architecture. She studied in Toronto and Paris, before attending PARTS. In 2018 she had a residency at WIELS, and she is regularly featured in the Kaaitheater programme.

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