WAOUW treasure chests

18/07/2017 - 31/08/2017

WAOUW: treasure chests to enjoy and learn from.

You’d like to explore? Guess? Find? Create? Laugh? Tell tales? Just get into the Waouw! Chests with your parents, brothers and sisters or friends!

How does it work?

Each chest contains materials to help you to discover some aspect of the Coudenberg Palace: what it looked like, how it grew, its history, our collection of archeological objects, archeology itself...
On arrival, you receive a bunch of keys, these open a number of chests containing a variety of activities to enjoy with your pals or parents. Games may be for one or several people and will help you to enjoy exploring not only the Palace remains and the archeological site, but also a major part of our European historical heritage.
For 2 hours you can play as much as you like.
When you have finished, please put everything away neatly for the next group to enjoy.

Practical information