WOW BJO #02 ft. Lindah Nyirenda, Salah Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBs) & Loopnah Kaya

13/10/2017 - 13/10/2017

For the second time, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and the KVS pull together to create “We Orchestrate Words”: from jazz through slam to hip hop and back. Leading orchestra meets urban artists. For this second edition, we present you Lindah Nyirenda, Salah Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBs), and – to round off – Loopnah Kaya.

WOW – short for “We Orchestrate Words” – serves as an incubator for fresh and innovative discoveries on Brussels’ urban scene. WOW eagerly draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and genres and is fuelled by improvisation. Spoken word artists rap, scat and create silky-smooth rhymes, the Jazz Orchestra responds and adds compositional structure, while turntablists and soundscape artists do their thing. Worlds are interwoven into a contemporary soundtrack for the Brussels metropolis.

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