Wings to grow up


15/09/2021 - 29/07/2022

Wings to grow up Wings to grow up Wings to grow up Wings to grow up Wings to grow up

Fly from one room to another and discover :

- My super-powers : part of growing up is being confronted with easy and difficult situations. We all have super-powers, talents to help us through.

- Friendship : Friendship is a great adventure : it is not always easy bit it helps to grow up.

- Cultures : We all grow up with the help of the world around us. Children live with different cultures that enrich them. By talking the needs of everyone into account, they create a new world, one where it's nice to live in.

- Everyone creative : Being creative is looking out for solutions. The child solves challenges with flying colours thanks to his ideas. Let these new ideas blossom.

- My secret garden : To grow up in harmony with others, the child needs to feel good about himself. In his secret garden, he gets to know who he is and creates a positive image of himself.

Practical information