Workshop Rites of passage

Workshop Rites of passage

The Jewish Museum of Belgium offers elementary and high school students participatory workshops aimed at discovering the rites of passage in different cultures and beliefs. This workshop meets the expectations of the philosophy and citizenship courses in the current Belgian school programs. Since the beginning of human history, rites of passage have existed in all cultures. They are defined as rituals or ceremonies that surround key events in a person's life such as birth, maturity, reproduction, and death. Whether they intervene in a secular or religious context, such rites fulfill the same function. They mark the symbolic passage of an individual from one phase of life to another, or from one social status to another. This workshop is elaborated in partnership with the CEJI (a Jewish Contribution for an Inclusive Europe).

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Brussels - Europe - Heritage 

Duration : 2h00

Language Spoken :  fr,en,nl 

Participants : Groupes de 20 personnes au maximum

Visit resources :

Picknick : The MJB does not have a catering space for groups. We therefore recommend the following places to picnic in the neighborhood: Cafeteria BIP Brussel Info Plein or Cafeteria KBR - Royal Library of Belgium. Mandatory reservation.

Additional information : This workshop uses many skills, know-how and knowledge defined for students of the last years of primary and early secondary school, in terms of awakening and training. These workshops encourage critical thinking, questioning and discovery of other cultures.

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