Workshops at Centrale With Ninon Mazeaud


07/11/2018 - 21/11/2018

Workshops at Centrale With Ninon Mazeaud

7-11 2018 – Silk-screening, a tool of resistance

This easy and silent printing technique has often been used to diffuse messages of struggles and resistance. During the May 1968 events, the silk-screening studio of the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts is transformed into the Atelier Populaire, a free studio for creating the protest posters that would soon plaster the walls of the city.

Simple forms, shocking words, few colours… enough to create a universal message. Participants of this workshop will explore this artisan printing method by creating simple cut-out forms and letters in self-adhesive paper.

Everyone will print a series of 10 copies of their design on white paper or in overprinting based on the creations of the former workshops.

These productions will also adorn the pages of the fanzine made throughout the workshops.

21-11 2018 – Diverting the news

The free newspapers that we pick up in the underground are part of our daily lives. Often read on our way to work, we too quickly cast them aside. The day’s Métro will be starting point of our workshop and daily news will be diverted to create satires and new critical spaces.

The strength of struggle messages also lies in collective and anonymous creations. All the images created in the 4 workshops will be reproduced and laid out to make a fanzine, which will be available at the reception desk of La Centrale after the workshops.

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