Zefiro Torna


10/01/2019 - 10/01/2019

Zefiro Torna :: © Zefiro Torna (Ecce Homo) © Clara Hermans

Human Passions in Early Seventeenth-Century Music, Poetry and Pictorial ArtThe compelling Belgian Zefiro Torna ensemble’s programmes promote a dialogue between various different art practices. Their “Ecce homo” selection illustrates the musical traditions in early seventeenth-century Italy, during the Counter-Reformation. The musical genius Monteverdi and his contemporaries developed the art of the madrigal: its more realistic style, in combination with its expressive monodic style and its emotional narrative, highlight the beauty of the illustrated poem. Around the same time, Caravaggio was developing his revolutionary painting technique in Rome, influencing Van Loon, the leading Caravaggist in the Southern Netherlands. As such, a resolutely humanist art, which moved and affected people, gradually became established. This sparkling performance, rendering human passions in chiaroscuro, is bound to move you.Listen to the playlist "Early Music" on Spotify

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