Zodiak presents Bastian Bux


24/11/2018 - 24/11/2018

On the 24th of November, ZODIAK invites Bastian Bux as main guest, alongside the talented Barcelona based producer, you'll be able to enjoy the track selections of O.D.Math, Souldust and Felix Cage (3 DJs from Electronical Reeds).
Latence from Play Label Records and French Alisonn (LA CLAP) will take care of the Top Floor!


| Bastian Bux (Suara) - ES

Bastian Bux is the consequence of reducing everything surrounding a DJ and producer to its essential element: the music. That is the intention of Bux: be stripped of all artifice and be judged by his work. Pieces full of deep textures, powerful harmonies, heavy beats and fat basslines; where everything is assembled with soul and sensibility, with the mastery of a craftsman and surgeon's precision.

| O.D.Math (Electronical Reeds)
DJ, producer and music connoisseur for over 15 years, ex-resident of the club Wood in Brussels, skilled cook and cat lover.

| Souldust (Electronical Reeds)
Souldust is A&R at Electronical Reeds and half of Deeligent Soul, a duo that reached the Traxsource Top10 Charts several time already.
His favorite game is to grab the audience with some "Fresh & Groovy" house and transform the dancefloor in a dancing playground until dawn.
Souldust also keeps that approach when he is behind a studio mixing board where he can put in front the essence of the track!

| Felix Cage (Electronical Reeds)
Dancefloor romance on warm melodies and deep house grooves merging into a flow of sounds filling the room with a unique atmosphere is the unique signature of Felix Cage. A subtle warm-up and an unexpected prime time is what Felix seeks to share with the audience.


| Latence (Play Label Records)
As a teen Pablo was submerged in the massive party scene emerging from Belgium in the early to mid 90's. Completely absorbed by the impressive momentum surrounding him, he started buying his first tunes, looking for a balance between the tracks that were popular in the scene and the sounds he heard in his head.
His immaculate capability of cherrypicking the best of the past and the creme de la creme of new cutting edge electronic music made him quickly noticed in the Brussels underground scene.
Throughout releases on Play Label Records and Taub Recordings, Pablo has consistently build his arsenal of synths and drum machines in his studio. His sound is made up by raw techno drums, harsh analogue hats, brimming with sweet flowing melodies and chords, that continue to re-define genres.

| Alisonn (LA CLAP) - FR
He starts to play at the age of 16 in the South of France. That was the upcoming of the rave party, he starts to play some techno music with a couple of oldschool figures. He gets his first residence in the famous «le Club House» in the South of France, where he starts to improve is music by playing some old groovy House music / Techno.
It's in 2000 that he discovers Minimal with some labels like Minus, Perlon....
Some DJs like Steve Stoll, Daniel Bell, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, create a real buzz for him usually using his sounds as loops.
In 2013, he creates his Label LA CLAP with love and passion.

10 Kaasmarkt 1000 Brussels

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