"dans l’ombre" documentary and meeting with its two makers

10/11/2017 - 10/11/2017

Pushed to the edge of the popular district of Yopougon and of the virgin forest of the Banco, la Maison d’Arrêt et de Correction d’Abidjan (MACA) (Abidjan House of Detention and Correction) is far from view, in the shadow of the capital of Ivory Coast. Built on a European model in the 1970s, this penal institution, the biggest in the country, has up to 5,000 inmates despite the initial capacity being 1,500. However, the MACA's daily life is organised and a certain stability exists there.
Through portraits of wardens and inmates from different sections of the prison, "Dans l'ombre" presents the first filmed immersion into the heart of this system of conflicting factions.
After the screening, the two makers of this documentary, Nicolas Franchomme and Alexis Hoton, will be delighted to answer any questions and share their experiences from this shooting.
Finally, we will have the privilege of hosting the photographic exhibition devoted to this documentary: another way to have a look at the very particular world of the MACA. A free exhibition we invite you to come and see throughout November.

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