eB! Challenge

eB! Challenge

A fierce team game that is fun and educational, based on research and observation. The eB! Challenge board is made up of concentric circles and the aim is to get to the central disc. To do so, participants are split into small teams, and take on a series of challenges. They travel through the various rooms, taking up progressively harder challenges that will put their observation and teamwork skills to the test. The missions let them discover all aspects of Brussels. Each challenge they overcome brings them closer to the final test, but they need to be careful not to get trapped by another team!Combining suspense and learning, this game helps teens hone their general knowledge as well as their reading, observation, teamwork and research skills.

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Languages - Brussels - Europe - Heritage 

Duration : 1h

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : min. 6 et max. 50 participants

Picknick : Our picnic space is at your disposal, after booking, for €0.50 per student.

Additional information : Available for language teaching - from level B1