experience.brussels Quiz

The experience.brussels quiz deals with varied and exciting topics. With such an interactive and challenging exhibition it is sometimes hard to select the important information. This quiz has been specially designed to guide young people from room to room, following a quiz made up of questions, challenges and games. To answer the questions, there is no need for prior knowledge, only a keen eye. Geography, history, the environment and Brussels' institutions, as well as its status as the capital of European, are gradually unveiled. You can even learn a few words of Brussels' dialect as you explore! This game is perfect for developing the children's general culture, reading and observational skills and helps teach them how to search for information.

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Languages - Brussels - Europe 

Duration : 60 minutes

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : max. 50 participants

Picknick : Espace pique-nique disponible sur réservation au prix de € 0,50 par enfant.

Additional information : Skills involved: This educational approach to the ‘experience.brussels’ exhibition helps players to increase their general knowledge, while putting their reading skills and powers of observation to the test, discovering Brussels in a new light while they hone their ability to seek out pertinent information.

The quiz is well-suited to the following subjects: Languages (from Level B1 upwards - the questionnaire is available in French, Dutch and English) & Humanities (history, geography, social studies)

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