Not far from the « Little Manhattan » and at a few steps from the « Botanic Garden », the AREA 42 is located in the prestigious old RTT building, one of the architect Michel Polak’s latest achievements.

Revisited by the french and belgian designers and architects Edouard Poullain and Gi Monseu, the Area 42 has lots of things to discover: Steel stairscase, ceiling made from glass blocks, white terrazo floor.

This contemporary space is made of 2 levels including 4 areas : a 300 sits conference room fully equipped, a cocktail double rooms framing a court yard and its japenese garden, a reception room with a ceiling made from glass blocks. For small meeting groups 3 subspaces separated by acoustics curtains are available.

AREA 42 also enables you to stage original artworks designed by the artists PietSo and Peter Keene such as the Inlight creature « happy birthday Mr President » or the kinetic lights… From ultra-modern to vintage, a Fleetwood 62 limo cadillac is also available.
Take control of the place and delight your guests !

The AREA 42 is free of catering and free of technics with no corckage fees or commission
and offers 140 private parkings the evenings and week ends, 20 parkings at day time.

No students parties, weddings, public concerts allowed.

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Surface Height Theater School Cocktail Banquet Interpreters
Conferences Facilities
Area 4 521 0.0 300 110 450 220
Area 2 361 0.0 0 0 250 150
Area 1 267 0.0 300 110 0 50
Area 3 244 0.0 140 100 150 100
Surface (foot) Surface (meters) Height Doors
Exhibitions Facilities Width Height

Practical information