Avijl Plateau


An invaluable record of the Saint-Job Quarter’s village past, the semi-natural site of Avijl Plateau forms a 8.5 hectare rustic space of rurality, constantly under threat from development. It combines vegetable gardens managed by local residents and a nearby school, a grass-filled hay meadow, wild green spaces and tree-planted copses, criss-crossed by pathways that have developed spontaneously over time. While periwinkles, nettles, speedwell and addersmeat grow among the horticultural plants, common rush, mare’s-tail, irises and lesser bulrushes flourish close to the small duck pond. The areas planted with trees and shrubs contain dogwood, dog-rose, hawthorn, elderberry, willow, large-leaved lime, hazel bush and oak. Along with Fond’Roy Park and Kauwberg, Avijl Plateau forms part of the network of green spaces in the municipality of Uccle. (Listed 16/05/2014)

Walking tour “Nature’s influence on the environment”. Saturday and Sunday at 14h30 (duration: 1.5 to 2 hours). Starting point: Vieille Rue du Moulin/Oude Molenstraat, across from 85A. In French only. Up to 20 people per tour. In cooperation with the association Protection et Avenir Avijl.

Practical information

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