B like Brussels and... beers!


Glasses to the ready, steady, go! Set out to discover some of Belgium’s finest beers and ales. There is nothing quite like having a good old chat with your colleagues over a freshly served pint. Make the rounds of Brussels’ bars and cafés to become a beer expert in your own right! Go out and explore the heart of the city, as you pick up loads of entertaining stories and anecdotes along the way on how the delightful juice of the barley is made and how it evolved over the centuries... Some agencies also offer a full meal, with Belgian savoury dishes and served with beer to round off your teambuilding day. ARAU : www.arau.org Arkadia : www.asbl-arkadia.be Bus Bavard : www.busbavard.be Exception Events & Incentives : www.exception.be In and Out : www.inandout.be Itinéraires : www.itineraires.be Organization Services : www.organization-services.com Pro Velo : www.provelo.org Sterkmans Events : www.sterkmansevents.eu

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