Battlefield of Waterloo

Battlefield of Waterloo

In addition to its information services, the visitor centre offers:

  • - A special film: "Waterloo 1815"
  • - Audiovisual show
  • - Access to the Lion's Mound. You can walk up its 226 steps, enabling you to take in the full extent of the battlefield.
  • - Panorama of the battle. A huge circular canvass, 110 metres long and 12 metres high, portrays one of the key phases of the battle, which would alter frontiers throughout Europe.
  • - Wax Figures Museum, route du Lion 315 - 1410 Waterloo -
This museum introduces the visitor to the main protagonists from the battle, reproduced in wax by artists from the Musée Grévin in Paris. Emperor Napoleon I, the Duke of Wellington, Field-Marshal Blücher, the Prince of Orange, Cambronne, Ney, Bertrand, Drouot, Sault and other brothers-in-arms, all incredibly lifelike and realistic in their sumptuous uniforms, in a series of faithfully reconstructed scenes.
Battlefield Tour: ride across the battlefield in a military vehicle with audio commentary.

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