Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos


While the laying down of Avenue _Louise/Louizalaan was in full swing, the City of Brussels, at the instigation of King Léopold II, acquired from the government La Cambre Wood, a sort of extension of the Sonian Forest to the gates of Brussels. The idea was to give the capital a park that was in keeping with royal ambitions. Born in Saxony, German landscape architect Edouard Keilig was responsible for the design, which also focused on preserving the trees already present. Known among other things for his design of Antwerp Park and Boverie Park in Liège, he managed to preserve the woodland character that makes the site so appealing while still incorporating new features, such as the Pelouse des Anglais or _Englishmen’s Lawn, a bridge made from artificial rocks spanning the ravine, as well as the lake, which required major clearing works between 1863 and 1866. A very popular place for walks, La Cambre Wood once had a tennis court, refreshments stands and other leisure areas perfect for stopovers. However, it has still retained a restaurant, the Chalet Robinson. Lining the pathways is a beautiful collection of European beech trees, 34 of which have been identified, as well as an alder fen wood, blue Atlas cedars and Chilean pines. (Listed 18/11/1976)

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