Brewspot - Brew your own beers

Brewspot - Brew your own beers Brewspot - Brew your own beers Brewspot - Brew your own beers

With BrewSpot, dive into the beer industry and brew your own beers during an innovative business game! After an introduction to beer brewing , you are divided into small groups representing fictive micro-breweries in competition with each other and with the mission to brew the best beer to convince investors to finance their brewery. To achieve this, each group must organise itself in order to create an innovative beer recipe, brew the beer and sell it to investors by preparing a very shiny presentation. The beers brewed by every group during the activity are delivered to you a few weeks later (after a fermentation phase within BrewSpot) for you to taste them together! Depending on your requirements, we can propose you several places for the activity, from simple to more advanced places, as well as several catering options. If you want a lighter activity, BrewSpot also proposes beer tasting events. During the tasting session, we present the main ingredients of beer along with the brewing process while showing you their influence on the characteristics of the tasted beers. Participants : min. 15 / max. 100. Duration : tailored-made FR/NL/EN.

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