Brussels... its museums, its transports


When nostalgia takes hold! The Capital of Europe, Brussels has always been a meeting place. Transport plays an important role and this on a daily basis: from the most traditional to the most astonishing, from the large American limousine to the dynamic skateboard, from the trusty horse with its steel-shod hooves to the mole in the underground not forgetting the discrete bicycle of course... The museums of Brussels, such as the Tram, Automobile or Aviation Museums, or else the more private ones such as the Blacksmith’s School or the Nautical Club, all are filled with memories and treasures, and all were once the talking point of the latest contemporary design magazine as well as creating the charm of bygone streets. Now is the time to make use of them: study them, listen to them, learn from them, and ride on them as one would a battle-horse, off to conquer their history, our history and that of a capital: Brussels.