Chinese Pavilion Garden


It was while visiting the Paris World Fair of 1900 and its famous “Round-the-world Panorama” that King Léopold II had the idea for an avenue that he would fill with exotic structures. The monarch commissioned the Chinese Pavilion, which was built between 1901 and 1905, as well as the Japanese Tower. Alexandre Marcel, a Parisian specialising in oriental-style architecture, was responsible for the design of both structures. The stone lions, rockeries, entrance gates and porticos, street lights and small bandstand further enhance the picturesque quality already strongly asserted by the pavilion and tower themselves. As well as some fine examples of topiary art, the landscapers of Bruxelles Environnement/Leefmilieu Brussel have created a collection of witch-hazel and Japanese maple. Heavily planted with trees, the 4.5 hectare park is filled with one hundred year old species and Asian varieties such as Beale’s barberry, oriental sweetgum, Hinoki cypress and David viburnum. Some 31 specimens have been included in the inventory of remarkable trees, including a narrow-leafed ash, an empress tree, a Dutch elm as well as a set of silver limes, Japanese maples and weeping willows. (Listed 12/06/1997)

Practical information

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