Corica Corica

Corica: The perfect place to enjoy a coffee of excellence in the heart of Brussels.



Corica is an artisan coffee bar located just a few steps from The Grand Place, roasting its beans on the spot to serve only the freshest coffee. The smell of roasting beans filling the streets will help guide you towards the café. Corica can help you travel the world through its offer of 27 arabica coffees, each with a flavor unique to its country of origin.


Corica gives their customers the choice of either savoring the tastes of coffee at their traditional café or buying fresh beans from their wide selection. All beans are freshly ground to match your coffee machine.


The baristas are on hand to advise and serve the coffee according to your preference: strong, mild, fruity, espresso, ristretto, latte, mocha latte, etc.


Come and discover some of the best coffees in the world such as the famous Kopi Luwak from Indonesia.


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