Disco night


Saturday night fever For one evening, take a sequined step into the euphoric universe of a colourful 1970s disco, tailored to your particular requirements! Eurêka Events will take care of everything: lighting effects, a brilliant DJ dressed in an afro wig and flares, go-go girls, an interactive disco quiz, decorations and surprises, in short all the ingredients of a great evening. Not forgetting the music, of course: Boney M, The Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer are just some of the artists whose music will get everyone hitting the dance floor! We will ensure your guests are warmly welcomed and that everyone has a great time. If you enjoyed discos back then, you can still enjoy them now, so contact us and get into the groove! Participants: min 50 / max 5000 3 heures FR NL EN