EU role play game for school children

EU role play game for school children EU role play game for school children

Europe isn’t boring! The Parlamentarium’s role-playing game turns up to 30 pupils into Members of the European Parliament for a few hours! It teaches them how to negotiate and work together as they take part in the European lawmaking process, dealing with topical themes such as drought and technological change.

Pupils are divided into imaginary political groups, interact with each other, European bodies and interest groups to find allies and take decisions. A genuine press conference and urgent text messages on their smartphones, help to make the experience feel even more realistic!

• Book four months in advance.
• Suitable for pupils aged 14 to 18+ years old.
• Minimum 16 and maximum 32 pupils at a time.
• The game takes approximately two and a half hours to complete.
• Available Monday to Friday.