Edificio@Concert Noble

Edificio@Concert Noble

Enter this ode to “majesty” and take a deep breath. Imagine the sights and fragrances of lavish balls, the music played at spectacular concerts, the pomp and splendour of royal weddings. Think of all the famous international figures who have entered these magnificent rooms: King Baudouin, the Shah of Iran, Lord Mountbatten, Nuncio Forni and even the Dalai Lama. It is hardly surprising that this venue hosts notable and prestigious events! Envious of the spectacular musical gatherings that graced the Court of Versailles, the Belgian nobility decided to create a musical “court” in the country that was to become Belgium. The Société du Concert Noble dates back to 1785, when the Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria and her husband, Prince Albert of Saxony, Duke of Teschen, created a company tasked with organising exclusive events in the Parc Royal for members of the nobility. Almost one hundred years later, King Léopold II decided that a building should be created specifically for these gatherings. Commissioned to design this, the architect Henri Beyaert gave his architectural prowess its fullest expression. He created a series of rooms arranged to form a “crescendo” of spaces, each larger and brighter than the next and culminating in the “grand finale”: the stunning 400 m_ Ballroom with its 15 m high ceilings. Concert Noble opened its doors with great pomp in 1873. Imagine the stylish, elegantly-choreographed balls held beneath a huge chandelier, with their series of presentations and whirling waltzes. But, alongside these opulent grand balls, Concert Noble also resonated with the sound of concerts, recitals and theatre performances. It was the true centre of Belgian cultural life and high society. In 1940-1945, Concert Noble was requisitioned by the occupying Germans as an Offizierskasino or Officers Mess. It subsequently fell into a sad state of disrepair. After the collapse of the Société du Concert Noble in the 1970s, the building was listed in 1983. It was acquired by the Assurantie van de Belgische Boerenbond (now the KBC Group) in 1982 and underwent a complete renovation. Subsequently sold to Edificio, it now gleams with all the pomp and splendour of former times. Today, receptions for up to 750 people and sit-down dinners for up to 550 people are held in the magnificent salons and ballroom. (Listed 27/10/1983)

Practical information

  • Rue d’Arlon/Aarlenstraat 84
    1000 Brussels
    • Sat. & Sun. from 10h00 to 18h00 (last admission at 17h30)
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