Faider Park


You’re in for a surprise when you pass through the carriage entrance of 86 Rue Faider/Faiderstraat. The lawns and trees of this eponymous park are laid out in the middle of a block of buildings, offering an unexpected haven of greenery in this extremely built-up neighbourhood of Ixelles. The park was created in the 1980s via a municipal initiative aimed at joining together the four gardens of houses on Avenue Paul-Émile Janson/Paul Jansonlaan. Until recently, the park featured a tree that was supposedly planted around 1900 by Buffalo Bill when he had travelled to Brussels with his show. Managed by a community group, this green space is very popular with residents of the neighbourhood.

Walking tours “Faider Park: an island of greenery brought to life by local citizens”. Saturday at 17h30 and Sunday at 10h30 (duration: 1 hour). Starting point: Rue Faider/Faiderstraat 86, Ixelles. In French only. Please note that bookings are preferred. Call 02/515.67.48, text 0477/25.01.47 or e-mail patrimoine@ixelles.be. In cooperation with the Heritage Department of the municipality of Ixelles.

Practical information

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