Forest Vert garden city


In 1922, architect Henri Van Montfort won the competition organised by the Foyer Forestois housing association. Unanimously selected, his plan for a new garden city perfectly fulfilled the specifications set down by the sponsor, namely two thirds of housing for working-class families and one third for the bourgeoisie, with retention of the sloping ground and the development of numerous protected areas for small children. The houses of various dimensions, each with a front and rear garden, form an attractive ensemble, a veritable green labyrinth of pretty alleyways and small squares. Today, local residents have dedicated themselves to preserving the pastoral character of the complex. An increasing number of initiatives are being undertaken to encourage the sustainable management of the garden city, which will celebrate 100 years in 2022. As well as an orchard, there is also a community vegetable garden, a herb spiral garden and a discovery walk that follows ten information panels distributed throughout the streets and green spaces of the neighbourhood. All these initiatives are aimed at encouraging inclusiveness and exploration.

Walking tour. Sunday only at 14h00 and 16h00 (duration: 1.5 hours). Meet in front of the convenience store, Place Sunny (at the intersection of Avenue Kersbeek/Kersbeeklaan, Avenue de Fléron/Fléronlaan and Avenue Général Dumonceau/Generaal Dumonceaulaan). In French only. Please note that bookings are preferred. E-mail
Discovery walk accessible throughout the year (flyers available at the convenience store).
In cooperation with the residents behind the Cité Forest Vert project.

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