Foundation Frison Horta

Foundation Frison Horta

Foundation Frison Horta is a cultural institution and centre for art. It’s a living museum and an organic cultural platform that conveys the story of Brussels’ heritage to a global audience. It is a historical landmark which showcases the work of Horta with original furniture, Art Deco, murals and frescoes. It engages with multidisciplinary institutions and bodies in an artistic dialogue on preserving, restoring and sharing the history and heritage of Art Nouveau while acting as a cultural bridge between east and west that fosters greater understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural traditions of India in Europe and vice versa.

The foundation sits in the middle of Rue Lebeau and was built in 1894 for Georges Frison, a renowned lawyer. It sits among Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Gothic mansions, looking like a Neo- Renaissance turret. It is a house of nature and light with murals and frescoes of flora and fauna that engulf the whole house.

It shows a fascinating play between the conventional Brussels private house and the bold and elegant style of Victor Horta.
The house stands out in a discreet way, far from extravagant. Everything is subtle, with the play of blue and white stones.

Guided visit (30') by appointment only
Entry Fee: 25 Euros (Visit+Exposition)

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