Fun Trophy / Fun Olympics


Reveal the athlete in you! There’s nothing like a good emotional "steam release" after a long day of work! A selection of fun and fast animation games that create an indescribable atmosphere within minutes. These activities are chosen from a wide range, depending on the place, the timing and the homogeneity of your group. They allow participants to discover themselves in a different environment, to have fun together and to create common memories. We discovered oversized games which are incredible, dynamic and addictive even for the most adverse to this type of formula. No unnecessary talking, just simple and intuitive rules. No repetitive and boring discussions, nothing else but real fun treasures. No weariness or boredom risk, because the games are also fun and fast. "Fun Trophy" is ideal for small groups because everyone takes the same tests at the same time. For larger groups, we offer a mix of sports and games called "Fun Olympics". Participants : min 8 / max 200 2 to 3 hours FR NL EN

Practical information