Get your Awards ceremony!


Get your Awards ceremony! Your colleagues have got talent! Take part in an unforgettable "Oscars" ceremony in one of Brussels’ prestigious gala venues. Several people within your company will be nominated to become the stars of this unique evening. They will have been filmed beforehand in your premises and edited into American blockbusters thanks to a very sophisticated video system. At the red-carpet event, the winner of each category will be announced: best actor, best actress, etc. Look-a-likes with a bluffing resemblance to the stars will hand over the Oscars to your company’s greatest "actors". Professional actors will present these two 30-45 minute sets and the silver screen magic brought to you through the performances of our surprising virtual characters, the choreographies of energetic dancers and by our extras parodying "Star Wars", while our Belgian reporter, Roger Lapèche, will bring you all the latest film industry gossip with a live broadcast from Hollywood! Participants: min 4 / max 500 2 to 3 hours FR NL EN DE ES IT POR JAP CHIN