Helicopter Supposing you were the pilot? Seatbelts fastened, door closed, microphone checked: the pilot completes the preflight checks sitting next to you. Then the motor starts and, above you, the blades begin to spin, faster and faster, stronger and stronger. The cabin begins to move and shake. The surrounding grass is flattened by the rotors’ thrust. Suddenly the helicopter takes off. Wow! What an incredible sensation! Something really unforgettable! A guaranteed adrenalin rush! Little by little, the ground disappears below your feet, and you have realized man’s oldest dream, to fly. A few minutes later, the controls of this 600 kg steel monster will be handed over to you. If you like strong emotions, then you will have the time of your life in the sky above Brussels. Part icipants : 1 pupil + 3 obser vers per pilot 30 min (the ory less on) + 30 minutes (fl ight ) FR NL EN

Practical information