The Icones Lounge Bar & Restaurant are designed to make everyone feel at home, in a small group or alone. The long bar counter, made of Miletia wood and chrome, is topped by an imposing glass chandelier. Guests can sit at tables of varying heights, depending on the time of day and as the mood takes them. The raised bar contributes to the conviviality while the lounge tables and armchairs provide superb comfort. A well-situated garden – a godsend in the cityscape – laid out with great care, allows guests to take a breath of fresh air in the sunshine.
Particular attention has been paid to the acoustic comfort of the whole hotel, and the restaurant can accommodate a hundred guests: the ceiling is a miracle of technology, absorbing noise to create an ideally balanced music broadcasting system. Result: the lounge music is an integral part of the decor, and it is possible to chat without being disturbed, or heard by people at the next table.
The carefully laid out garden offers an oasis of calm in the heart of a bustling city and provides a breath of fresh air, a space where guests can unwind and listen to the birdsong while they enjoy afternoon tea or an early evening aperitif on the terrace. The garden furniture is unobtrusive, yet perfectly matched to the environment, with granite tables and 'rattan' armchairs. At night, the large ornamental garden vases are illuminated from within and create a gentle and magical atmosphere.

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