Jean-Félix Hap Park

Jean-Félix Hap Park

In 1804, Albert-Joseph Hap acquired a property bordered by the Broebelaer rivulet, a tributary of the Maelbeek. These premises included a central building surrounded by water, in which he installed a tannery. In the 1830s, a brewery was built in the south of the estate with a succession of buildings being added until 1859. During that same year, Hap’s son, François-Louis, built a house on the site overlooking what is now the Chaussée de Wavre/Steenweg op Waver. The Haps soon developed a brewery using the water from this tributary of the Maelbeek, right in the heart of the market garden landscape of Etterbeek, which was then a rural suburb of Brussels. In 1859, François-Louis, the son of Albert-Joseph, built a Neoclassical style house overlooking what is now the Chaussée de Wavre/Steenweg op Waver. In 1905, it was extended and the style updated at the instigation of his grandson, the notary Félix Hap. The interior of this private mansion incorporates private rooms, reception areas and spaces for notary-related work. Its rich decorations serve as a testament to the Eclecticism in vogue in the early 20th century: stained glass windows, wallpaper, mosaics, ceramics and gilding, as well as Art Nouveau, Louis XVI, neo-Renaissance and Neo-Gothic style furniture. In the garden, vegetable plots, an orchard, greenhouses and stables, the rearing of poultry and rabbits, a small-scale farm and an orangery enlivened the day-to-day life of a local upper class family. 
In 2019, the restoration of the site will begin; this is based on work carried out by a team of architects and art historians, who recreated local history using thousands of archives discovered in the house. 
Owned by the municipality of Etterbeek for the last thirty years, the park contains numerous remnants of the Hap property: its stables and orangery, its magnificent trees and pond, its pavilion _ and a “ruin”. (Listed 29/06/2000)

Practical information

  • Chaussée de Wavre/Waversesteenweg 510
    1040 Brussels
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